Teaching and Learning Overview – P6                    Term: Jan – Mar 2018    

Pupil audit: We will be generating ideas to consult with the rest of the school and gathering feedback to form an overview of pupil opinion.

Literacy and English:

This term we will be reading film. Through this we will be learning to make inferences about what we have seen. We will be demonstrating our understanding of what we watch through discussion and questioning, ensuring we can justify our responses with evidence.  We will also be using film as a stimulus for our writing. Applying our tools for writing we will describe and evaluate different films using evidence from the text to support our opinions.

ICT: By using ‘StoryboardThat’, we will be combining our literacy and ICT skills. Using this software we will create texts and images to demonstrate understanding of our reading books.

Numeracy and Maths:

This term we will be continuing our focus on applying our calculation strategies. In conjunction with our literacy skills we will be solving problems using real life contexts. We will be transferring our data handling skills to collate and present the information we gather from the pupil audit. We will consolidate and extend our knowledge of fractions.

Health and Wellbeing: In physical education we will be developing our personal fitness. Through this we will be demonstrating the school values. We will also be further developing our communication skills and improving our gross and fine motor skills through the context of basketball.  PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Science: In the second half of this term we will be focusing on water. We will carry out various investigations which will develop our understanding of topics such as buoyancy, water cycles and conservation.

Home Learning: Ideas for activities that your child may carry out to extend and consolidate classroom learning will be sent home.

How you can support: Please continue to encourage your child to read a variety of texts regularly at home. Children will have assigned weekly reading. Please discuss their reading books at home as this is a valuable way to support their learning in class. Please also continue to encourage your child to practise their Learn-its and tables regularly to ensure they are retained.

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