Teaching and Learning Overview – P5

Term: Jan-Mar 2017

Learning Context: Interdisciplinary – Social Studies / Science / ECO / Literacy

Literacy and English: In reading we will continue to develop our comprehension skills as we explore and discuss the author’s purpose in fictional texts and poems. We will be looking at how they create different themes and feelings. This will form the basis for group discussion, where we will develop our listening and talking skills further. We will also use what we have learned, for example similes and metaphors, to write our own poems/descriptive phrases.

In French we will continue to build up our personal profiles by extending our vocabulary about leisure activities and clothes. As an introduction to Spanish we will learn how to say simple greetings, numbers and personal information.

Numeracy and Maths: We will continue to focus on implementing numeracy strategies, including mental agility, to support our learning. We will be developing and applying our knowledge of numbers to fractions and decimals. We will also extend our knowledge of time.

ICT: We will explore different websites and software that can enhance our learning in maths and modern languages. We will also learn how to use sounds and images to create a short animated sequence.

Health and Wellbeing: In physical education, through basketball, we will develop our communication and team building skills. We will increase our knowledge of wellbeing and develop self-awareness, self-worth and respect for others.

Social Studies: We will enhance our knowledge of the contributions that individuals are making to scientific discovery and invention and the impact this is making on society. We will investigate the use and development of non-renewable and renewable energy to raise awareness of the impact it has on the environment in Scotland and beyond.

We will be carrying out personal projects at home linked to our topic (information to follow).

Homework: Homework will continue to be handed out on a Thursday, to be returned the following Wednesday.  

How you can support: Encourage your child to take ownership and responsibility for completing tasks accurately and in good time. Please continue to encourage your child to read a variety of texts at home regularly as well as their school reading books. Please check over your child’s homework with him/her and sign completed tasks.

Important Dates: P5 Assembly - Thursday 16th March. Sharing learning with parents – Friday 24th March, 11.15am – 12.15pm.