Teaching and Learning Overview – P5

Term: Apr - June 2017      

Learning Context: Interdisciplinary – literacy linked to Health and Wellbeing     Social Studies linked to French

Literacy and English: Through the contexts of healthy eating and keeping fit, we will explore adverts and other written texts to learn about the language features used to create persuasive texts. In reading activities, we will develop our awareness of how the style and structure of these texts evidence the author’s purpose for writing and the audience intended. We will then use these features to create our own written texts. We will also learn how to carry out a short talk, where we will develop our skills to engage and persuade our audience.   In French we will continue to build up our personal profiles by extending our vocabulary about sports and leisure activities and time. We will apply these skills through our connection with our French friends in Besancon. As an introduction to Spanish we will learn how to say simple greetings, numbers and personal information.

Numeracy and Maths: We will continue to focus on transferring numeracy strategies to new skills and concepts using larger numbers. We will secure our skills to complete written calculations and apply our counting skills to measure work including weight and capacity. We will continue to extend our knowledge of time using minutes past/to and calculate durations in 5 minute, 1 minute and second intervals.

ICT: We will use our skills to create Power Points about our school and Melrose to send to our French friends. We will take our own photos and copy them into our presentations. We will also explore and discover different ways of representing our ideas in imaginative ways using text, graphics and media.

Health and Wellbeing: Through simple exercise circuits in physical education, we will work on improving and sustaining our fitness levels. We will be sharing our hobbies and interests through our writing and talking activities and in French. We will continue to deepen our understanding of Growth Mindset through discussion and mindfulness activities.

Social Studies: We will have the opportunity to extend our knowledge of French lifestyle and culture, as we compare our school and Melrose with Besancon in France and another French speaking country.

Homework: Homework will continue to be handed out on a Thursday, to be returned the following Wednesday.  

How you can support: Encourage your child to take ownership and responsibility for completing tasks accurately and in good time. Please check over your child’s homework and sign completed tasks. Please also continue to encourage your child to practise spelling words, ‘Learn-its’ and tables on a daily/regular basis.   

Important Dates: Countryside Day May 23rd.